Cultural Differences in Media Practices

Outcome 11: Be sensitive to and respectful of cultural differences in communicative and media practices.

As a way to include the Deaf community in communications, I created a Jeep commercial in Sign Language. In creating this video, it was important to me to adhere to and respect the Deaf culture by using facial expressions, dressing in black, signing clearly (not mouthing English words), and most importantly, using proper grammar and sentence structure.


Impacts of Technology

Culture and Society: Influences and Impacts of Internet and Technology

Outcome 5: Explain the ways in which various technologies and media types impact the communication that occurs between humans.

This document, written in a sociology course, uses theories and current events to identify the various ways technology impacts human communication and interaction, as well as implications of this trend from a sociological perspective.

Technology and Communication


Outcome 3: Communicate effectively using a variety of communication and information technologies and media.

To create this video, our group used a variety of materials and technologies ranging from a simple white board and marker to HD cameras, video and audio devices and editing software. This short video explains the differences between leisure and recreation, as well as why understanding that those differences exist is important to one’s interiority.