Communication Causing Social & Legal Regulation

Silent Spring Book Review

Outcome 10:  Understand and apply the concepts of social and legal regulation as they relate to the use of existing and the creation of new communicative materials.

I used a book review of Silent Spring by Rachel Carson to satisfy this outcome. By describing a world with no life- no birds singing, no squirrels, people walking, dogs’ barking- Carson simulates a world with continued pesticide use and chemical spraying of our food and water. Carson’s novel communicates major environmental issues to readers and helps anyone understand the underlying problems of chemical and pesticide use to our planet. I am envious of her on her ability to communicate a complex problem in the scientific field in a unique, very creative way that both welcomes and warns all readers, and beyond all else resulted in major environmental legal and regulatory changes. Carson is credited for advancing the global environmental movement. Silent Spring, along with her other publications, earned Carson her reputation as a “social revolutionary”.