Communication: Writing

Information Kit: Happiness Quest

Outcome 2: Students will demonstrate the ability to write effectively and clearly. Written communication includes academic papers with cited sources, various types of reports and memos, letters, resumes, emails, text messages, tweets, status updates, etc.

Working with the Happiness Quest Research Project in Plymouth, New Hampshire, this class produced all of the written documents and PR material needed for the Quest to promote its upcoming and future events. Working in real-time, we were typically given an event or piece of information and expected to return our product the following night. At the end of the semester, we were to deliver a Media Kit to assist the client in their promotional and PR needs, as well as display our professional communication capabilities and well-rounded writing experience.

This course was essential in gaining experience and confidence in various forms of writing, as well as performing well under pressures of deadlines. Writing styles practices in this course include (and are not limited to) promotional and fundraising letters, newspaper and press releases, Radio PSAs, brochures, flyers, and print ads.