Ethical Responsibility and Individual Development

Personal Brand Strategy Platform

Outcome 12: Recognize an ethical responsibility to other individuals, the community, the discipline, the profession and society as a whole based on various perspectives and associated standards of ethical communication in face-to-face and mediated environments.

In satisfying the twelfth (and final) learning outcome, the Personal Code of Ethics I have created is available upon request.

Nearing the ending months of my college career, I developed a very intimate code of ethics that reflects on various aspects of my life-┬áthe positive, negative, past, present and future. I recall many memories, changes of heart, and identified occasions where I may or may not have made ethical choices, and how these experiences have shaped me. In this Code of Ethics, I also reflect on my personal and career goals, as well as outline a list of statements that eventually came to be my own moral code. Each list begins with a broad “I will…” statement, and is followed by 3-5 more specific contexts and environments for the action/behavior that identify its importance to my personal growth and overall wellness.

I have also included a Personal Brand Strategy Platform to help describe where I am now, long-term and short-term goals, and ways to achieve them.