Communication in Various Contexts

Case Study Final Draft

Outcome 4: Explain the process of human communication in its various contexts.

This, in particular, is a course and project that I am most proud of. Our team of five dedicated significant time and effort in completing this case study, and worked together in delegating responsibilities and accountabilities throughout the semester. This class was essential in preparing me for meeting deadlines and working in groups, and giving insight to a “real world” working situation.

Over the course of 16 weeks, our group performed various observation sessions and interviews; developed personas, journey maps, etc. used research and information gathered to compile measurable objectives and deliver a completed document to the client at the time of our final meeting. I was personally accountable for performing qualitative interviews with professors and affiliates of the museum to identify pain points in their experiences and opportunities to improve interactivity and engagement with Plymouth State University students and professors.


Communication Theory, Audience Analysis, and Rhetorical & Persuasive Strategies

Vermont Bound: A Case Study

Outcome 9: Create communicative materials that incorporate communication theory, audience analysis, and rhetorical and persuasive strategies.

This project was unique because it was actually a final exam- meaning we had only one week to gather all of the research and information needed to make an accurate decision as to where a kayak company would be most successful, and whom to direct it toward. I consider this among my best work, because given the limited time frame we also were given very broad requirements.

The professor of my Marketing Research course was particularly skilled in replicating a work environment- referring to himself as our “boss” and us as his “team”. Much like the case study I took part in, I think this assignment and course were important milestones in transitioning from college to career.